Children’s lightweight jackets for SAMBO. Model «Krepish»

Jackets for SAMBO «Krepish» are recommended for training and SAMBO competitions of all levels. They are satisfying the requirements of SAMBO uniform.
This model developed special for beginner young athletes. Special lightweight structure doesn’t hinder movements.

- Made in Russia
- 100% cotton
- Fabric density: 300 g/m2
- Colors: red and blue
- Hypoallergenic
- Extremely durable
- Heavy cotton
- Tensile strength
- Not hinder a "restrict"

K-KR-R-EN--Size 32
Sambo jackets

Sambo jackets – professional sports uniforms for trainings and competitions. A jacket is made of cotton fabric with coating density of 580 g/m2. Lining is made of cotton coarse calico to maximize breathability and comfort. Our jackets are designed for dynamic use in regular trainings and constant exposure of certain items of clothing. Every detail, that is intensive exposed, is strengthened without loss of its functionality and significant gain in weight.

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Size Chart jackets for Sambo, cm