Requirements to the sambo uniform

The athletes use different kinds of kimonos and comfortable shoes for the trainings, but to take part in the competitions or exhibitions it is necessary to have the special uniform, which should satisfy certain requirements. A certain type of clothing is characterized not only by the desire to distinguish one type of martial arts from another, but also by the peculiarities of sambo. The jacket (“sambovka”) has its special texture and style. As a rule, it is made of special cotton texture. The strong seams and protruding strips (“wings”) should be on the shoulders. There are the through holes left and right, through which the suspension belt should be passed to prevent the jacket from moving during a fight. For more comfortable wearing, the jacket usually has a cotton gasket. Certain requirements to the size also should be satisfied. Sleeve length should reach to the wrist, and width should be more than 10 cm. The flaps should not be too short or long — about 15 cm below the suspension belt. The rules concerning sambo shoes are less detailed and strict. The wrestling shoes should be made of soft natural materials and have stitches, closed up inside. Usually they are made of leather, but some models have the fabric inserts. The wrestling shoes may not have any sharp or protruding parts, as this can cause injuries. The most significant condition is soft leather soles. They provide comfort and safety during a fight. The wrestling shoes should completely cover the ankles and have sufficiently tight and secure fixation. The leather soft linings are necessary protection element, as they protect the protruding ankle bones against any injuries. The main requirement for shorts is their compliance with jacket color. Length should cover the upper third of the thigh. For security purposes, hard elements and pockets are not allowed.