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“Krepysh Ya” company is the leader at the market of martial arts uniforms. For 20 years of its existence, it has acquired broad-based reputation among both the beginners and the professional athletes. The advantages, such as usage of natural materials, development of the most comfortable and hardwearing collections with the additional elements that improve its wearing, and constant improvement of output, have been acknowledged by the consumers. High-quality sambo uniform is one of the fundamental factors of victory. Comfort and efficiency of an athlete substantially depend on a right or wrong choice of the jacket, shorts and wrestling shoes (‘bortsovki’). Every item of the sports uniforms complies with strict requirements. The sambo jacket is greatly exposed during a fight, so it should have maximum strength of cloth. A peculiarity of the sambo uniform is that it is regularly used for trainings, therefore it gets dirty, and so the sambo jacket should be hard-wearing. Fabric should be light so that the athlete’s movements are not to be hindered. You can buy high-quality sambo jackets that comply with all the requirements and with the manufacturer's guarantee at our online store. The right choice of the sambo wrestling shoes is very important as well. Quality shoes will not only prevent the athlete’s movements from hindering, but also will protect him from injuries. Our sambo wrestling shoes have all the necessary protection elements. Through the usage of a special shoe mesh their weight is significantly reduced, which is an important criterion in such a dynamic sport as sambo. You can buy the world’s most popular sambo wrestling shoes at our online store. An important element of the sambo uniform is the shorts that should be sufficiently stretchy and durable, because during a fight they will be stretched and exposed. You can buy the sambo shorts at our online store. The athletes practicing combat sambo should pay special attention to protection elements, namely the headgears, gloves, handgrips, cape and bandages. They should have the guarantee of an experienced manufacturer because the decrease of risk of serious injuries depends on them. You can buy the headgear and gloves at our online store. Training is one of the most important criteria of victory. You can buy the sambo backpack at our online store. It will assure necessary comfort for your movements. It is well-known that sambo is not only sport but also lifestyle, and sambo symbols are necessary for the fighters not only on the uniform, but also on everyday clothes. You can buy the sambo T-shirts, sambo tracksuits, sambo sweatshirts, sambo athletic pants as well as the sambo promotional items at our online store. At your desire, we can put your logo or drawing on them. The products of “Krepysh Ya” company are in demand all over the world because they have a guarantee of the trusted and experienced manufacturer, high quality and design that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.